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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Solutions for Teams Operations

The right innovation data to make the right decisions – at the right time


Identifying issues is difficult without oversight

Gaps in communication and the decentralized nature of modern business means that having all the data you need at any one time is near impossible.


Innovation_360 connects you to relevant data from every part of your organization, ensuring you can always have oversight.

Identifying issues is difficult without oversight

Move from knowledge to action

With product building blocks for idea management and innovation activity, Wazoku provides your team with whatever they need, when they need it. Innovation_360 empowers you to move beyond discovery and towards outcomes.


An all-in-one view that allows you to act quickly

Combine your visibility over business operations with a platform that brings your data, conversion, and outputs together.


Innovation_360’s tools can help you act on insights and use them to deliver impactful outcomes: lower costs, reduced risk, and increased efficiency.

An all-in-one view that allows you to act quickly

Act decisively with a framework that supports your success

Our Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology brings focus and a dedicated process to your innovation work. The framework keeps your operations projects on schedule and is geared towards delivering outcomes which are closely aligned to your needs and objectives.


Utilize insights from beyond your network

Our Wazoku Crowd is the world’s first to be accredited by the Center for Transformation of Work and gives you millions of global Change Makers and idea creators at your fingertips.


As our crowd grows with minds from MIT, experienced immunologists, and even UK-based students, we allow you to benefit from insights you wouldn’t find otherwise.

Utilize insights from beyond your network

Create and maintain a culture of innovation

If everyone can see and engage with your innovation activities, they’re much more likely to adopt it and use it to deliver success. With two decades of experience in pioneering idea management, Wazoku has proven that everyone is an innovator.


We can help you design and run ‘intrapreneurship’ programs: keeping the brightest minds in your company by nurturing their motivations and goals.


Customize and adapt to your changing needs

Our platform has been purpose-built for customization and personalization. You can be agile and react to industry shifts to adapt to the times, your scope, and your ambitions.


Whether internally with connected communities or externally using external innovation challenges, your team can design and create whatever you need.

Customize and adapt to your changing needs

A secure and integrated platform

Innovation_360 is an enterprise secure platform to create, discuss, and act on your innovation activities. With Microsoft Teams and Jira integrations you can make sure every part of your operations provides and works for you, with configurable data and oversight.


We provide custom IP agreements and IDP-protected communities to ensure you can control permissions for employees and their ideas.