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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

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Innovate faster and more easily


Deliver real value at scale in your innovation work

One-off events don’t allow a business to innovate to its full potential. Wazoku gives you the capability to move from innovation ‘firefighting’ to a proactive, always-on approach for implementing real change.

Deliver real value at scale in your innovation work

Optimize all areas of your business network

Innovation_360 provides focus and oversight for all areas of your network. We allow you to benefit from the insights of suppliers, customers, and partners who can all contribute to your strategic goals.


For Alte Leipziger, their innovation program has been a great success and reported that they’re communicating using our platform more than they use traditional corporate channels like Yammer and Slack.


Leave sub-scale solutions behind

Start a journey that takes innovation from one-off lightbulb moments to an ongoing process of improvement. You can begin right away, at low costs, and gain oversight on all of your data that you need to build a successful innovation program.

Leave sub-scale solutions behind
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Diageo’s use of Innovation_360 supported their innovation team in generating and managing ideas. Our platform provided a tool with visibility and oversight that started a chain reaction of ideas – seeing and voting on everybody else’s proposals inspired and sparked further ones.


Unlock innovation that works for you

Our Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology brings focus and a dedicated process to your innovation work. The framework keeps your innovation projects on schedule and is geared towards delivering outcomes which are closely aligned to your needs and objectives.

Unlock innovation that works for you

Fail faster to improve cost-effectiveness

The speed at which you try, fail, and then try again determines your success. By getting to the right answer quicker with Innovation_360, your team can meet key results and deadlines more regularly, at lower cost, and impress the rest.


Connect the disconnected under one roof

Greater visibility isn’t just for your supply chain. Build a transparent framework for employees to contribute ideas – keeping your people engaged and delivering outcomes that better resolve your issues.

Connect the disconnected under one roof

Co-create securely across your entire network

Innovation_360 opens doors to solutions you wouldn’t otherwise benefit from. Ensure these new opportunities don’t risk the security of your operation by using our enterprise-secure platform. Customize and control IP agreements and permissions so that you know what’s created and who owns it.


Millions of global problem solvers at your fingertips

Our engaged Wazoku Crowd crosses boundaries of industry, region, and language, giving you a global presence, instantly. The size of this crowd is constantly expanding: MIT solvers, leading immunologists, and UK students are the latest to join us.


Our world-first accredited open talent platform is perfectly positioned to bring your company into the future.

Millions of global problem solvers at your fingertips
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