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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Wazoku for Teams

Step outside your current limits and discover new opportunities.

Innovation team

Every team faces obstacles as it tries to become better. Regardless of the size, scale, language, or region of your organization, a lot of these problems are rooted in the type of work that you do.

Wazoku has extensive experience dealing with team-specific problems over the last two decades, and we’ve built a strong track record in helping businesses overcome these challenges.

Innovation_360 can be implemented quickly and support you in reducing costs and risk across your operations and projects.

Below, we explore how our experience in some select fields make us the right choice to help drive your team and your organization forward.

  1. Innovation

    Innovate faster and more easily.

  2. Sustainability

    Pull risk forward, and push costs back with Wazoku.

  3. Research & Development

    Pefectly structured templates for quickly designing new icons at dozens of common sizes.

  4. Transformation

    Business is digital. Why isn’t your innovation process?

  5. Operations

    The right innovation data to make the right decisions – at the right time.

  6. New Product Development

    An all-in-one platform for new product development.

  7. Executive

    Make better decisions for your future business.