Use Wazoku to deliver meaningful sustainability improvements.

Insights from a range of audiences – from internal employees, the supply chain, and even open innovation crowds – gives organizations the best chance of sustainability innovation success.

Delivering change that makes the world more sustainable.

Wazoku has been used to maximize innovations for businesses looking to meet the global sustainability challenge. We’ve helped world leading organizations make future growth more sustainable.

With an increasing number of companies taking action to deliver on sustainability goals, it’s becoming clear that some are doing better than others. Those who are leading in this area have recognized that they aren’t able to deliver success alone.

Working with all the different groups in your business network is essential to reducing the environmental impact of business, increasing process efficiency, and avoiding wasted resource. The urgency of addressing the sustainability challenge means different ways to solve problems quickly, cheaply, and effectively must be sought.

Sustainability Challenge

Sustainability in Innovation

There are four key questions to ask yourself about sustainability innovation:

  1. How do you effectively engage your crowds and encourage them to identify problems and opportunities to solve and explore?
  2. How do you ensure the ideas with the biggest sustainability impact are being developed?
  3. How do you avoid time-consuming, damaging delays to implementing solutions?
  4. How do you measure and manage such a wide and dynamic process?

Sustainability pressures faced by all organizations include:


As governments receive increasing amounts of pressure to act on climate issues, regulations around omissions and waste are enforced on business.


The focus on sustainability makes it a deciding factor of many investments. Failure to consider and implement sustainable practices can lead to a lack of investment from customers and investors alike.


With climate change becoming a more important topic, organizations with a good reputation for sustainability will be better suited to changing market, regulatory, and technical shifts.

Technical change

Sustainable technology will only continue to improve with time. Businesses should seek to adopt these new technologies so as not to be caught out with unsustainable practices.

The planet

Outside of the business world, in which all the above pressures can be found, the sustainable pressures from the planet itself should give companies enough reason to operate more sustainably.


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