Use Wazoku to reduce the cost and risk of research.

As budgets tighten, you want to be sure that you aren’t wasting money and resources on ideas that have limited impact. Leverage all of the audiences in your network and make lasting progress.

Delivering change that supports broader knowledge and understanding.

Wazoku enables you to innovate without spending money on ideas that go nowhere, leveraging inputs from all your audiences and giving you the best chance of success.

Research is often owned by dedicated teams within large businesses, omitting insights and input from other audiences and crowds that may have unique perspectives that drive better results. ‘Experts’ are sometimes unable to find a novel solution to a problem because their approach is too constrained by the parameters of specific context.

We know that businesses are investing more year-on-year on research but, because of the cost and complexity of research activity, only a limited number of experiments can be undertaken. However, the unintended outcome of this is an increased risk profile if experiments fail.

Key reasons why businesses should focus on Research include:

Building a knowledge bank

Organizations that research more fundamentally have a greater understanding of their space, where it’s heading, and how to deal with these shifts in a way that maximizes outcomes.

Aids problem solving

By achieving greater understanding of the industry or sector that it exists in, a business that researches more readily will solve problems more effectively.

Enhances credibility

Any business wants to be a leader in its field. By researching and innovating on a consistent basis, organizations build a wealth of knowledge and understanding that others in their space then use.

Capitalize on opportunities

With all the contextual information that you could need an organization that researches has a better sense of upcoming opportunities for growth. This supports the ability of any company in this position to capitalize on these opportunities most effectively when they arise.

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