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People from across your entire network play a crucial role in the key phases of product and service development. Bring them all together and maximize the efficiency of your development process.

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With Wazoku, organizations will adopt a process that allows you to fail faster, and only invest in new products or services that deliver real value.

Businesses that silo product or service development into a single team are missing out. Research shows that many workable ideas and solutions come from outside the group originally tasked with solving the issue or exploring the opportunity.

More than a decade ago, Clay Christensen showed that nearly 30,000 new products are launched into the market each year. This figure will only have snowballed in the years since, and with a 95% likelihood of failure, companies need to take every possible opportunity to tip the balance in their favor.


Three Reasons for improving product or service development are:

New ways of competing

Organizations are constantly having to change how they compete. For example, the democratization of the travel industry, through new arrivals like Airbnb, has forced traditional hotel chains to rethink how to engage with customers.

Building value creation space

In response to competition, businesses are having to be more creative in how they develop new ideas for products and services. These new spaces for creation are vital in unlocking where your product or service goes next.


To produce new forms of value, organizations are having to experiment more, establishing a more repeatable, always-on process to assess their market fit.


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