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Solutions for Industry Water

Achieve greater success with a dedicated Innovation_360


Better navigate industry-wide problems

The water industry is facing significant roadblocks to progress, including the increased demands on infrastructure, an aging workforce, and supply chain issues.


Innovation_360 provides any business with the tools and oversight needed to solve these problems in a sustainable, scalable way.

Ask the right question in the right way

Our platform is underpinned by a Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology for problem-solving. This ensures that your innovation efforts are always aligned to converting an issue into an opportunity and from there into tangible impacts.

No company can do this alone

Collaboration is the key to overcoming wider industry problems. Whether it’s working alongside start-ups, your competition, or your supply chain, Innovation_360 houses connected communities that provide space for you to explore solutions.


Using more diverse insights from across your network gives you a better chance of solving problems to create lasting value.

A world of problem solvers at your fingertips

The Wazoku Crowd is the first in the world to be accredited by the Center for the Transformation of Work: giving you the chance to connect with insights you’d never find otherwise.


Our crowd can approach issues from millions of different perspectives, unlocking critical value in real-time. Across 40 challenges as of March 2022, the Wazoku Crowd had submitted over 2,000 solutions to pressing water issues.

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UK Water Industry Research achieved over 50 high-quality solutions from “beyond their usual cohort of specialists,” said Steve Whipp, UKWIR Project Manager.

Learn more about how a Wazoku Solver helped the OSRI accelerate marine recovery, twenty years after an oil spill in Alaska.

Move past lightbulb moments

Disconnected, one-off innovation events fail to provide a business with a change that lasts. By transforming your innovation work into an always-on capability, you can tackle problems as they arise – working smarter, not harder to deliver valuable outcomes.

An all-in-one platform delivering tangible value

Innovation_360 is a capability-booster for your business: with a suite of tools, frameworks, and connected communities. One single dashboard gives you the oversight and all your data to drive real value from your innovation.

Read more about how external innovation fuelled solutions to improve the uptake of chlorine-based water treatment in Sub-Saharan Africa.


The Challenge attracted 286 solvers from over six continents and resulted in a fully automated device that uses a commercially available and low cost sensor.