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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Solutions for Industry Telcos

Connecting people through stronger communities


Overcome the telecoms industry’s greatest challenges

Security concerns and data collection are just the tip of the iceberg for telco organizations. Wider industry shifts coupled with an increasingly decentralized workforce mean that there’s a need to utilize the latest technology to move forward effectively. Wazoku provides you with the tools, frameworks, and audiences required to solve for the future.

Overcome the telecoms industry’s greatest challenges

Find opportunities for growth and success

Innovation_360 gives you the ability to engage with innovation both inside and outside your organization simultaneously. Your business can explore opportunities and optimize your offering – whether that’s running external innovation challenges, improving your processes, or scouting for the latest technology.


Tune into a range of viewpoints

Collaborating with key stakeholders across your network, supply chain, or customers is critical to give you all the insights you need.


Who knows your offering better than the people who supply and use it? The range of opinions in these groups allows you to solve in a more rounded, more effective way.

Tune into a range of viewpoints

Connect the disconnected

Wazoku can help shrink a decentralized and disconnected workplace – bringing your network together to work closely on problems and opportunities.


Innovation_360 concentrates your organization’s efforts: through connected communities and an always-on culture that proves everyone is an innovator.


Millions of global problem solvers at the touch of a button

The diversity of perspectives from our Solvers from 195+ countries can prove critical. With this addition to your problem-solving capability, you can go beyond your organization and industry to find the answers to your biggest issues.

Millions of global problem solvers at the touch of a button

The big impact of small changes

When lightbulb moments don’t go far enough, Innovation_360 transforms your company’s capability to consistently deliver new ideas.


Each one of these proposals could be a potential game-changer: from the smallest process improvement to the most ambitious overhaul of your operation. Watch the effects of your innovations snowball and see how they repeatedly drive critical value.

Our work across other industries on reducing costs, decreasing risks, and improving organizations’ ability to turn opportunities into impact places us as industry-leaders for innovation. Learn more about how Innovation_360 can supercharge your success.