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InnoCentive is now Wazoku.

Solutions for Industry Public Sector and Defense

Strengthen how your organization deals with change


Overcome the greatest problems in your sector

Defense organizations and the Public Sector face several key issues, including the need to cultivate a more sustainable supply chain, maintain better security, and transform into digital-first operations.


Innovation_360 provides the tools, frameworks, and capability to tackle your problems with a real-world approach.

Collaboration brings critical value

Innovation_360’s connected communities gives you space to collaborate with whoever you want, whenever you want their ideas. Collaboration brings lower costs, increased efficiency, and reduced risk – providing results that deliver greater value for money than ever before.


For a national defense organization with a quarter of a million personnel worldwide, Wazoku’s Innovation_360 has generated more than £500m in savings.

NASA logo

NASA turned a 3-year roadblock on testing Kevlar material into a solution in under 3 months by using the Wazoku Crowd. By offering a direct award to Solvers, they found a solution that removed the roadblock and paved the way for more testing.

Run focused experiments – simultaneously

Innovation has often been divided, with efforts separated into outside or inside approaches. Now, Innovation_360 provides you with the tools to both improve internal processes while also crowdsourcing answers to a different problem.


The platform makes you more agile – allowing you to explore new opportunities and optimize your existing offering at the same time.

Scale your innovation more easily across your operation

With a platform that gives you an all-in-one view of your innovation efforts, you can more easily see who’s engaging and with what parts of your business.


We provide personalized data sets and dashboards to give you greater oversight and visibility on your performance. Use this knowledge to supercharge innovation throughout your organization.

Always-on access to millions of global problem solvers

With Solvers from 195+ countries, you’re more likely to find an answer here than anywhere else in our industry. Our two decades worth of experience in external innovation have shown that 70% of awarded solutions were sourced from outside a problem’s industry or niche.


As of March 2022, we’ve had 52,360 active Solvers from 133 countries engaged with Challenges regarding the defense industry. There have been awarded Solvers on every continent – our external innovation gives you a truly global reach.


Wazoku’s world-first accredited open talent crowd brings an unparalleled world of insights direct to you.


Innovation_360 helped the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) crowdsource two solutions to a pressing biosecurity problem – finding innovative technologies from adjacent industries that the NZDF wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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“The Wazoku platform allows us to effectively take away the traditional silos of defence working and get people from different areas to collaborate and talk together. But also allow our people, wherever they are, whatever rank they are, to raise issues on a day-to-day basis.”

Stuart Laws
Defence Innovation – Ministry of Defence (MoD)

Share with your network in a risk-free environment

The problems facing the Public Sector and Defense industries can’t be solved alone. With Innovation_360, you can work with start-ups, your supply chain, customers, or even your competitors: all the while maintaining your security and IP rights on our enterprise-secure platform.

Our success rate in Government Defense, Security, Intel, and Contractor challenges is 82.1%

Read more about how the Wazoku Crowd (formerly InnoCentive) supported DARPA and the US Defense Department’s critical work – providing a tangible change in destroying and removing a stockpile of chemical weapons.