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Pull risk forward and push costs back with Innovation_360

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Overcome the biggest problems in your industry

Pharma & Life Sciences organizations face challenges including supply chain disruption, the need for a qualified workforce, and how to use large amounts of data effectively.


These overarching problems will only be solved with greater communication and collaboration. Innovation_360 allows you to better manage risk, gain a greater view on your activities, and look beyond your boundaries.

Overcome the biggest problems in your industry

Utilize the best and brightest minds globally

With our Wazoku Crowd of millions of global problem solvers, you can pose any question and receive focused, actionable solutions. Our two decades of innovation experience means that when it comes to solving problems, Wazoku can set you up for success with a world-leading open science capability.


While the traditional Pharma R&D success rate sits at between 10-15%, our external innovation process delivers a 61.5% success rate for finding solutions.

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“I couldn’t put ten people in a room and have a brainstorming session or a seminar for two days for the same cost with all the travel involved. And I would have got a few hundred sticky notes rather than an entire notebook with 113 separate detailed proposals.”

Tod Bedilion
Senior Director for Partnering (Diagnostics) – Roche

Roche benefited from the insights of nearly 1,000 Solvers from the Wazoku Crowd. In 60 days, Solvers replicated Roche’s entire 15 years of R&D work in this area, and Roche found a better solution to the problem.

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Improved oversight at any stage of the research cycle

We have helped Pharma & Life Sciences organizations at each stage of the research development process. AstraZeneca (AZ) used external innovation to source ideas for technology that supported new treatment options for various diseases.


The partnership didn’t end there: AZ followed up with awarded Solvers from the Wazoku Crowd to collaborate on their ideas, using real experiments and data.


Convert your data and research into valuable outcomes

Our platform has a suite of tools including advanced analytics, tech scouting, and trend analysis, meaning whatever information you need is at your fingertips. By providing your organization with a better picture of your problem, niche, or industry, you’re better positioned to work faster and smarter towards your goals.

Convert your data and research into valuable outcomes

Connect with your entire network instantly

Whether you want to work internally, externally, or with your supply chain, Wazoku provides the tools to connect and collaborate with whoever you need to. The recent shifts of new ways of working, workforce agility, digital focus, and move to patients being central has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Organizations in Pharma & Life Sciences will have to adapt to operate successfully going forward – utilizing Innovation_360’s connected communities gives you a head start.


Identify and work on possible solutions – all in one place

Innovation_360 provides a comprehensive view of your activities – bringing idea collection, research, and implementation under one roof. With a more streamlined look at your operations, Pharma & Life Sciences organizations benefit from greater oversight to advance progress quicker than ever before.

Identify and work on possible solutions – all in one place

Ground your questions in the real world for greater success

Our Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology has a track record of radically improving the outcomes our customers achieve. By phrasing and framing problems in real-world terms, the outcomes that you receive can then be easily implemented in practice.

For GlaxoSmithKline, using the Wazoku Crowd delivered proof-of-principle to further develop bioelectronics. At every stage of your operation, Innovation_360 provides critical value by streamlining operations, utilizing Open Talent, and reducing costs and risks.

According to the WHO in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight and 650 million were obese.


Novo Nordisk challenged our crowd to identify gene combinations that may provide protection from obesity and associated metabolic disorders. From 418 Solvers, the team at Novo Nordisk made a $15,000 award to the best solution.