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Solutions for Industry Financial Services

Address sustainability, regulations, and change in a shifting industry


Overcome the biggest problems in your industry

Tightening security, compliance, and regulations across the financial services markets mean that organizations need to find more efficient ways to operate. With the industry facing higher complexity, Innovation_360 provides a simple, intuitive platform that better prepares you for the future.


Doing nothing is not an option: become more agile by working with Wazoku to better align your outcomes to your strategic goals.

Overcome the biggest problems in your industry

Connect the disconnected to supercharge your success

Having a one-off idea that solves a single issue will never deliver long-term change. To drive real value from your innovation activities, everything needs to be linked.


Building these connections without a purpose-built platform is time-consuming and costly – Innovation_360 makes this process easy for Financial Services organizations.

Old Mutual’s Mass & Foundation Cluster used Wazoku to turn an annual ideas summit into an always-on capability. The cultural shift of this transformation brought a lasting effect to the number of ideas and amount of collaboration.


Innovation_360 has since been adopted through a number of Old Mutual Group’s extended business units. Change your outlook on innovation from one-off lightbulb moments to a system of continuous idea collection and use.


Your network doesn’t end with the people you know

The Wazoku Crowd is the world’s first accredited open talent crowd and gives you millions of problem solvers on-demand. Our crowd is growing larger by the day, with people from different backgrounds, languages, and industries.


Using external innovation benefits your team through accessing perspectives from outside your usual view.

Your network doesn’t end with the people you know

Collaboration that drives real value

The future of finance relies on effective networks and collaboration. Innovation_360 provides you with ready-made connected communities that you can customize.


Whether you are collaborating internally between teams, externally by crowdsourcing or working with start-ups, or with others in your industry, there’s a purpose-built place for you to do it.


An all-in-one view of your innovation

Over our two decades of innovation experience, we’ve learned that the key to successful change is having all the relevant data.


Innovation_360 gives you personalized and adaptable tools for use across your business to provide you with all the information you need. Support more effective decision-making with data-informed insights that you can access on one cohesive platform.

An all-in-one view of your innovation

Stay relevant and ahead

Innovation_360 supports financial services’ needs for greater oversight and real-world implementation, whatever hurdles you’re facing in an ever-changing market. Wazoku will make you more collaborative, more agile, and better able to stay ahead of your competition.

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Read more about how Wazoku supported an Armenian bank’s plan to promote financial inclusion. Hosting over 1,000 employees, the Innovation_360 platform provided a space to collect hundreds of ideas and convert them into real-world outcomes that drive consistent value.