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Solutions for Industry Engineering

Gear up your organization – for today and tomorrow


Solve the greatest problems in your industry

A move towards greater automation, increased emphasis on sustainability, and a more hybrid world of work means the engineering industry is at a tipping point.


The only way to tackle these opportunities and thrive is through collaboration and by using the latest technology.

Move from lightbulb moments to a system of innovation

A one-off idea that solves one problem won’t deliver the sustained change required for the engineering sector.


Set up for success with a purpose-built platform that builds a culture of innovation in your company. Your employees and wider network can then fuel your business improvements continuously.

Utilize external innovation to find critical value outside your normal view

Our Wazoku Crowd has millions of Change Makers from a range of industries and countries, whose insights are a game-changer. Harnessing this collective intelligence is a significant value-add in an industry where the need to innovate is paramount.

Habitat for Humanity ran several challenges looking for solutions to issues across the world. Our Solvers provided ideas for real, tangible improvements for people’s lives.


One Challenge’s solution is for retrofitting foundations across low-income areas at risk of typhoons, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

Work collaboratively and at scale

The problems facing engineering require collaboration to solve. Innovation_360 provides connected communities for you to work in: whether that’s between teams, regions, or by talking with competitors to change the sector. Doing this repeatedly brings a snowball effect of value – making the next set of changes easier and easier.

Better manage your operations with greater visibility

An all-in-one view of your innovation activities means you have greater oversight and knowledge of what’s happening around the business. This enhanced view gives you access to better and quicker decision-making.

Identify and deliver value – quicker than ever before

Innovation_360 focuses your solutions by linking them to real world problems and opportunities. Our Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology allows this focus and has a track record of radically improving the outcomes our customers achieve.


You can move seamlessly from collecting ideas to implementing them into your business – delivering critical value that you may have been missing out on before.

Engineer greater success

Innovation_360 has the building blocks that allow you to better plan for the future, act decisively, and talk with your network more often.


Wazoku equips you for both today and tomorrow with a platform that can grow with you and adapt to your needs.


“It's all about creating value from the ideas. Wazoku couples idea management directly with execution and operationalization, making it a customizable and easily-adaptable process”

Herman Bjørn Smith
Chief Digital Office - Multiconsult

Read more about how external innovation helped to produce an industry-wide solution to the negative impacts of construction – providing a plan to recycle the estimated 2.2bn tons of construction and demolition material that will be produced by 2025.


The Solvers were awarded across a range of metrics, including best overall solution, most innovative, most sustainable, and easiest to implement.