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Solutions for Industry Energy

Power up your business by using a streamlined platform


Overcome the biggest hurdles facing your industry

The energy industry faces a number of complex challenges with decarbonization, transformation, and an increasingly decentralized workforce. Innovation_360 facilitates your ability to solve differently, giving modern problems the modern solutions they need.

Overcome the biggest hurdles facing your industry

Leave one-off innovation behind

Approaching issues as isolated events doesn’t go far enough to address the root of the problems. Transform your innovation work into an always-on system: where idea gathering, refining, and implementation combine to drive your company forward.


Work smarter, not harder towards valuable outcomes

Greater efficiency is one of the energy industry’s biggest current objectives. Why not make this a strategic goal for your organization, too?


Overhaul your current way of working and transform your entire operation. Innovation_360 provides you with the foundations: a suite of purpose-built tools and frameworks that focus your efforts on real-world impact.

Work smarter, not harder towards valuable outcomes
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“When a problem arises, we can put it out as a challenge, get an idea within 30 days, and potentially be trying or implementing it within six weeks.”

Brendan Cassidy
Open Innovation Manager – General Fusion

Download the General Fusion whitepaper to learn more about how external innovation proves a critical force multiplier to add to its business successes.

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A2A used Innovation_360 to validate their new business opportunity of compact underground substations and open up a whole new market.


Connect and collaborate throughout your network

It’s impossible to navigate these industry changes without consulting your suppliers, partners, and customers. Wazoku provides you with the ability to establish connected communities, transforming key players in your supply chain into always-on focus groups.

Connect and collaborate throughout your network

Supercharge your innovation capability with the Wazoku Crowd

Wazoku has the world’s first accredited open talent crowd, providing you with access to over half a million problem solvers – whenever you need them. These specialists exist across regional or industry boundaries.


The engagement levels for 124 energy-based challenges by March 2022 show that organizations benefited from the insights of 23,733 active Solvers.

With over 70% of successful solutions coming from a field or industry outside the problem area, you’ll be benefiting from knowledge that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.


Everything you need at your fingertips

Innovation_360 supplies you with the means to collect your data and a suite of tools to turn your insights into valuable outcomes. Personalize and adapt your dashboards to give you all the information you need, when you need it.

Everything you need at your fingertips

Visit our Challenge Center to view external innovation challenges in the energy sector.

Our extensive work in the Energy field has led to a growing number of companies in the industry using our platform, Wazoku Crowd, and suite of tools to power their success.

Visit the Challenge Center