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From delivery channels, to customer service, and the growing use of technology, ensuring everything runs smoothly is a complex task: but one you will excel at with Wazoku. Without perfect alignment of all these key factors, it is difficult to deliver the experience customers expect, and a costly thing to get wrong.

Delivering change that keeps your customers coming back.

Wazoku helps you leverage better informed decision making that improves customer experience.

In 2020, US-based businesses alone lost $35.3 Billion in customer churn, caused by otherwise-avoidable customer experience issues.

To answer this challenge, customer experience innovation must leverage insights from across all audiences. Whether they be your employees, parts of your supply chain, or even an open innovation crowd: they can all offer ways to improve.

Bringing these audiences together to enhance your customer experience is one thing. Utilizing their insights in the most effective way is quite another. This requires excellent communication and connectivity, and few businesses have the appropriate purpose-built tools and processes to facilitate this collaboration.

Added to this, the process for capturing and evaluating customer issues and opportunities are often highly inefficient.

There are four key questions to ask yourself about customer experience innovation:

  1. How do you effectively engage your crowds and encourage them to identify problems and opportunities to solve and explore?
  2. How do you ensure the ideas with the biggest customer impact are being developed?
  3. How do you avoid time-consuming, damaging delays to implementing solutions?
  4. How do you measure and manage such a wide and dynamic process?
Innovation networks

Three Reasons for improving customer experience are:

Reducing customer churn

A key metric that businesses measure success by is a low customer churn rate. By addressing faults in customer experience, it’s less likely that a prospective customer will leave before spending money, keeping churn rates low.

Driving revenue growth

When customers aren’t churning, they’re spending. In providing an experience that customers want to come back for, a business shores up investment from customers going forward, leading to a natural growth in revenue.

Building brand loyalty

As an extension of increasing revenue growth, a business will also seeing increased brand loyalty. As this continues, these customers may even become ambassadors for a brand, encouraging their social circles to spend money with that company as well.


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