Use Wazoku to ensure innovation becomes an everyday practice.

Innovation as a one-off event will only ever drive sub-par progress. To deliver real value through your innovation practices, businesses must move towards a set up that sees innovation as a continuous, repeatable process.

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Use Wazoku to ensure innovation becomes an everyday practice.

Wazoku has a proud history of supporting businesses in creating a culture of innovation that allows organizations to effectively solve their biggest problems and explore their most exciting opportunities.

Fostering a culture of innovation that involves your entire employee base maximizes the scope and impact that your innovation program will have. A lack of strategic alignment, no centralized view of an innovation program, and a failure to engage employees are common hurdles that stand in the way of achieving this goal.

Building this culture that sees innovation as an everyday practice won’t happen overnight. Indeed, when surveyed, though 81% of companies have an innovation strategy in place, one fifth of those asked don’t believe that the strategy is well defined or communicated.

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Reasons for developing a culture of innovation include:

Goals that align to strategy

Developing a culture of innovation within your organization ensures that those setting the goals and those working towards them are actively collaborating to solve problems and explore opportunities.

Improved communication

To nurture a company-wide culture of innovation means ensuring that people can communicate. This, over time, begins to extend beyond just innovation work, and improves communication for the entire business.

Continuous feedback

The always-on nature of innovation for those organizations that have built a culture around it means that issues with the innovation program are easier to identify and solve.

Breaks down barriers

Sometimes, ineffective process gets in the way of real change. The barriers to innovating successfully exist in all organizations. Developing a culture of innovation allows businesses to navigate and solve these hurdles.

Culture of innovation across the entire organization

For retail giant John Lewis and Partners, a culture of innovation across the entire organization was the only way to keep ahead of the competition. In this webinar, Ben Pearson and Alistair Hemmings discuss what they’ve learned since scaling their innovation program across an employee base of 80,000+

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