Use Wazoku to securely collaborate on shared challenges

Opening innovation to the external insights of like-minded businesses means that security is paramount. Running cross-sector Challenges with Wazoku means that leaders from one industry will collaborate and co-create with leaders in other areas, safely and securely.

Delivering change by bringing like-minded leaders together.

Wazoku is pioneering cross-sector innovation with an enterprise secure platform that creates new opportunities for partnerships and knowledge sharing.

Every business has a requirement to maintain an advantage over its competitors. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that one of the most appealing ways of doing this is to collaborate with businesses from different sectors.

These organizations won’t approach problems that you’re having with the same contextual parameters that often stop ‘experts’ in their field from being able to effectively find solutions to existing problems. By being ignorant to accepted ‘constraints’, external insights can open doors to progress that you may not even be aware of.


The key benefits of cross-sector innovation with Wazoku include:


Greater engagement across a more diverse pool of insights encourages innovation that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.


By innovating in a more collaborative way, the cost per quality idea of innovation decreases massively.

Partnerships and collaboration

Closed feedback loops between all participants allows for faster development and increases the chances of establishing new working partnerships.

Knowledge and talent

With new talent and insights being discovered outside of normal channels, a greater pool of expertise is leveraged when innovating for the future.


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