Challenge Driven Enterprise

Become a Challenge Driven Enterprise

The Challenge Driven Enterprise represents a new vision with far reaching implications that can improve the speed, agility, and efficiency of business. It enables new modes of innovation while creating the flexibility to capitalize on new business opportunities. Industry leaders will be those that successfully apply these concepts universally, from business strategy to the manufacturing plant floor.

The 4Ps that underpin Innovation at Scale within the Challenge Driven Enterprise (and one that doesn't!):

  • Process: Decentralized decision making (a return to urgency).
  • People: Unleashing innate human potential.
  • Platforms: The right tools for the job.
  • Pretending: Stop the innovation theatre. This isn’t Broadway, so stop acting.

The Challenge Driven Enterprise embraces agile innovation to achieve:

  • Capacity: potential to unleash unlimited innovation capacity
  • Capability: develop innovation skills and competencies across your entire organization
  • Ambidexterity: balance your innovation portfolio mix and develop your operating model to support innovation at scale
  • Reduce time from Idea to Value
  • Pull Risk forward
  • Push Cost back

Our experience with businesses suggests there is enormous benefit simply in managers and employees better defining and managing their own problems. The transformational change, however, is accomplished through the remaking of the organization into the Challenge Driven Enterprise, where the most difficult problems can be solved, effort is aligned with strategic goals, all talent inside and outside of the organization is brought to bear to deliver on the mission, and sustained performance improvement is possible.

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