Sustainability-driven Innovation

At Wazoku we believe that open innovation and sustainability are key to solving many of the world’s biggest problems. We are committed to helping to support ‘cradle to cradle’ innovation through crowdsourcing, co-creation and challenging more sustainable mindsets across the business value chain.

Embracing sustainability to drive business innovation and growth

A global set of challenges requires a new approach to problem solving, a new approach to innovation and a more open approach to tackling the systemic Environmental, Sustainability and Corporate Governance challenges we all face collectively.

We can help you to:

  • Identify key areas for improvement—not all sustainability initiatives are created equal
  • Collaborate and co-create across all stakeholders
  • Prioritize projects—to draw on quantitative and qualitative crowd insights to aligned to your customer’s needs and your company strategy
  • Measure key performance indicators and results against target
  • Drive innovation across your supply chain and across the entire value-chain
  • Build your brand by showcasing your ESG commitments are much more than just positive words on your website or annual report. Put positive action and purpose at the forefront of your brand.

To fully reap the rewards from open innovation, companies need to recognize the transformational challenge ahead and be prepared to think, act and work differently.

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