Sustainability and Climate Change

We can help you to achieve your sustainable innovation goals, faster and more cost effectively.

We will enable your organisation to:

  • Identify key areas for improvement—not all sustainability initiatives are created equal
  • Collaborate and co-create across all stakeholders inside and outside your organisation
  • Prioritize projects—to draw on quantitative and qualitative crowd insights to aligned to your customer’s needs and your company strategy
  • Measure key performance indicators and results against target
  • Drive innovation across your supply chain and across the entire value-chain
  • Build your brand and employer brand by showcasing your ESG commitments are much more than just positive words on your website or annual report. Put positive action and purpose at the forefront of your brand.

Innovating for a regenerative future

We must all collectively come together to innovate our approaches to sustainability, climate risks, energy transition and the various associated challenges brought on by our changing climate.

Leaders must start to integrate innovation for purpose into their decision making. With climate change set to create a number of economic, business and social challenges globally, the leaders of tomorrow need to embrace a regenerative mindset across their operations, supply chains and products & services.

We are Committed to a Sustainable Future

We cannot create value for ourselves if we do not create sound economic and social conditions for our stakeholders, but if we want to create this shared value we must innovate, and we cannot innovate if we are not open to input from the world around us. This is the virtuous circle at the foundation of Enel’s approach and perfectly embodied in the partnership with InnoCentive,” said Ernesto Ciorra, Enel’s Head of Innovability.

Putting Innovation at the Heart of Your Sustainability Efforts

Driving sustainability outcomes at Scale - Our end-to-end 360o Innovation platform for Idea Management, Open Innovation and Innovation Portfolio Management is powering sustainability outcomes across global enterprise, government and NFPs.

Driven by a proven approach - Our proven Challenge Driven Innovation TM methodology is already being used to drive successful, scalable and sustainable innovation for many global organisations.

Achieving positive change - Our work with customers is already positively impacting many areas in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Some of the areas we’re working on are:

Quality education
Clean water
Clean energy
Good health
Life below water
Sustainable cities

Read our case studies on Prince William Sound Oil Spill Recovery Institute and Lumina Foundation

We recognise the urgent challenge facing the world to transform to a more sustainable and equitable economy. Embracing sustainability to drive business innovation and growth will require a fast, effective approach to problem solving and innovation. This is at heart of what we do.
// Simon Hill CEO, Wazoku

Embracing sustainability

Integrating sustainability will help your business:

  • Attract and motivate top talent
  • Reduce costs through eco-efficiency
  • Reduce risk
  • Influence the portfolio for the future
  • Drive product and service innovation
  • Attract more loyal customers
  • Enhance reputation.
The partnership between Enel and InnoCentive once more testifies the importance of crowdsourcing as a powerful and effective way of gathering and developing ideas. Enel, as a world leader in energy transition, innovates to make itself more sustainable and resilient, and to reach this goal we need the best minds to contribute with their cutting-edge concepts.
// Ernesto Ciorra Enel’s Chief Innovability Officer.

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