New Product & Service Development

Increase your new product or service innovation success rates through our proven Challenge Driven Innovation™ methodology and Enterprise Innovation Platform, to drive needs-based, structured innovation at scale across your entire organization’s network.

Research across more than 1,000 cases shows that open innovation can be more than four times faster and eight times less expensive than relying on internal talent alone.

Innovation in isolation may explain why 72% of all new product & service introductions fail to live up to expectations (Simon-Kucher & Partners research). Engaging with a diverse crowd, whether internal or external to your organisation, early in the innovation process has been proven to improve success rates, increase speed to market and improve the ROI of your innovation scheme.

Shorten Idea to invoice timeframe and dramatically improve success rates

  • Structured Idea Management solutions
  • Open Innovation Solutions and Services
  • The world’s largest Open Innovation Marketplace
  • Innovation skills, frameworks and routines to build innovation at scale

Idea Management solutions for Innovation Leaders

Foster a culture of new ideas and transformation, by engaging key stakeholders at the frontend of your innovation processes:

  • Gain insights early from all employees, suppliers, customers and more
  • Secure and structured co-creation of new products and services with your entire ecosystem in one streamlined platform
  • Holistic view of all innovation projects, making it easy for you to see the pipeline at a glance
  • Simple administration of different approaches to idea management – bottom-up, top-down – meeting the needs of different innovation projects across the business and more effectively aligning innovation to overall company strategy and goals
[The Wazoku product] is well thought out from start to finish. The software offers me a multitude of different possibilities and provides all options to map our innovation management processes individually and strategically. In this way, we can design the development process, the evaluation and the implementation of ideas according to the respective task or goal. The possibilities to follow the actions on the platform via the built-in analysis tools are excellent. This gives us a clear picture of our innovation plans and the achievement of our goals.
// Christoph S. Innovation Manager at a Global Services firm

Open Innovation for New Product Development (NPD)

  • Are you paying for effort or for results? Draw on the world’s most experienced crowd of almost 500,000 innovators to deliver successful innovation. Since 2001, InnoCentive has been the global leader in open innovation. Follow in the footsteps of NASA, GSK and thousands more, discover how Challenge Driven Innovation™ will help you to innovate more efficiently and effectively.
  • Develop or validate your innovation hypothesis through crowd insight and diverse perspectives
  • Receive workable solutions to fulfil your specific innovation needs by engaging with almost 500,000 innovators through our OneSmartCrowd open innovation community.
Open innovation is a real force multiplier for the ARFL. By opening this Challenge up to the world, we were able to multiply the number of people thinking about it over 100-fold and received a workable solution within 60 days...
// Alok Das leader of the Rapid Reaction Force at the Air Force Research Laboratory

More than just software – A Proven Approach to Delivering Successful, Cost Effective Innovation Outcomes

We help you to build you innovation capabilities through hands-on support and our unparalleled experience of delivering Challenge Driven Innovation™ successfully for over 20 years. We will support you in delivering Innovation at Scale focused on customer-centred innovation that works.

Tip the balance in your favour

According to Frost & Sullivan only 1 in 300 new products significantly impact a company’s growth and only 1% of new products recoup their product development costs. Our clients enjoy rates far in excess of these metrics, due to lower costs, shorter time to market and an unparalleled diversity of innovative minds working on your problems and co-creating your innovation outcomes.

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