Culture of Innovation

A culture of innovation is one that embraces change, challenges the status quo, encourages experimentation and champions diversity and inclusion.

In our work with many of the world’s largest brands and top innovators we have successfully supported firms in developing more open, innovative cultures. There is no quick fix, it takes time, investment and patience, it needs strategic direction, clear and consistent management and the right tools for the job. Get it right and it can transform your organisation.

How Open Innovation & Idea Management can enable a Culture of Innovation:

  • Embed a high-performing culture of innovation by embracing an everyday innovation mindset
  • Empower Change: You need the right tools for the job. A fit-for-purpose, global solution for collaborative, bottom-up, top-down and middle-out innovation that empowers stakeholders, drives change and drives successful innovation outcomes at scale.
  • Communicate your innovation goals and align them to your organization’s strategy and purpose. This allows your people to clearly understand why innovation matters, and how they can support the organization’s objectives.
  • Open up your innovation process to access the best talent from anywhere in the world and from any discipline. Augment your internal capabilities with external experts and come up with fresh insights and perspectives and the best possible solutions.
  • Unleash the innate creativity present in all of us. You will be amazed at the power of the crowd. Invest in developing your innovation training to develop problem identification, problem solving and storytelling skills across your organization
  • Structure, process and governance: innovation needs boundaries and structure. Without this the signal to noise ratio becomes distorted and the process falls over. Innovation at scale within an effective culture of innovation is bounded by clear structures, processes and a clear top-down governance approach from shareholders and board down.

The SSCL Way

SSCL needed an innovation platform that could unify the company, allow for inclusive collaboration across locations and ensure a two-way, interactive approach to communication.

SSCL's business transformation story ensured their company culture focused on people-led improvements and built an award-winning employee engagement programme, putting their people at the heart of the organisation.

With the help of Wazoku’s idea management platform, SSCL:

  • Built a culture of everyday innovation throughout its Centres of Excellence
  • Engaged over 67% of employees within twelve months, whilst realising tremendous improvement in customer service, facilities and processes
  • Ranked 11 percentage points above the UK national average for Innovation & Continuous Improvement in Great Place to Work
  • Won the 2018 IdeasUK award in the People and Organisation category for The SSCL Way
We didn’t just want an innovative tool or a strategy. We wanted to evolve as an innovative organisation. We decided to work with Wazoku because they are a dynamic company and a great cultural fit for SSCL. The Wazoku platform is easy to use and supported our strategy.
// Rachel Summers Director of Operational Excellence, Strategy and Transformation, SSCL

What does it take to become a truly innovative organisation?

There are still organisations that see innovation as a function, assigning a small group of people the impossible task to transform their business. They then might embark on an overly ambitious transformation programme that fails or loses momentum with little measurable outcome.

To be truly innovative, organisations need to make innovation part of their DNA, tapping into the creative potential of all their stakeholders: their workforce, ecosystem and customers.

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