SaaS Service Level and Support

Version 1, 18th January 2023

Wazoku will use reasonable commercial endeavours to make the SaaS Service available in accordance with the applicable Service Levels (SLA) for such SaaS Service. Such SLA shall only apply to the SaaS Service and not to any Supplemental Services or any third-party services which may be accessed through the SaaS Service.

Throughout the Subscription Term and subject to payment of the SaaS Service Fee in accordance with the Wazoku Master Services Agreement, Wazoku shall provide Standard Support during Business Hours only and in accordance with the then current Wazoku Standard Support Policy.

  1. Definitions and Interpretation

    Any capitalised terms not otherwise defined here in shall have the meaning set out in the Agreement. In the event of any conflict between the terms of this Schedule 1 and the terms of the Agreement, the terms of this Schedule 1 shall prevail.

  2. Service Level

    1. During the Subscription Term, Wazoku will use reasonable endeavours to make the SaaS Service available at a rate of 99.9% uptime 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year excluding any:
      1. scheduled system maintenance work notified by Wazoku to the Client;
      2. emergency system maintenance work;
      3. unavailability due to a Force Majeure Event or third-party internet service provider failures or delays; and/or
      4. the exclusions listed in clause 2.3 below, (collectively “Permitted Downtime”).
    2. Wazoku shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that scheduled maintenance work is conducted on weekends or outside Business Hours and shall limit such maintenance work to five (5) hours maximum at any one time and in any one weekend. Wazoku shall use reasonable endeavours to send the Client a notification of any scheduled system maintenance at least 7 days in advance to the Client’s registered system admin email addresses. Wazoku shall ensure that non-critical maintenance work is always carried out outside of Business Hours to minimise end user impact.
    3. Exclusions in addition to those set out under clause 2.1 of this Schedule 1:
      1. SaaS Service interruptions of less than 30 seconds;
      2. congestion whereby high traffic levels result in service disruption, caused by the Client exceeding any agreed capacity;
      3. issues with the Client’s local area network, the Client’s provided internet connectivity or hardware or software;
      4. the Client’s inaccessibility: if, for any reason, the Client cannot be reached to correct an availability issue, then time will be frozen until Wazoku can make contact with the Client to begin fixing the availability issue;
      5. issues resulting from problems caused by the Client’s failure to follow agreed procedures, or caused by unauthorized changes to the SaaS Services by the Client;
      6. material breach by the Client of the terms of the Agreement; any virus which was not detected by Wazoku using reasonable current commercial methods of detection
  3. Standard Support Policy
    1. Wazoku shall provide the following Standard Support during the applicable Subscription Term:
      1. Online Support via Wazoku’s support centre within the SaaS Service which will be available to Users 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year; and
      2. Ticketing support will be offered on Business Hours in accordance with the associated service levels set out in the table below.
    Ticket Severity Level Criteria Response Time Resolution Time
    1 Unplanned interruption rendering the SaaS Service unavailable (no work-around available) 1 hour 24 hours
    2 Critical issues with the service including serious bugs or issues (affecting all users / no work-around available) 5 hours 48 hours
    3 Non-critical issues with the service including unexpected system responses, or functionality issues experienced (work-around available) 5 hours 14 days
    4 System admin general questions, requests, or non-system-related client queries 24 hours N/A

    End user support