Silicon Milkroundabout Competition Launches

wazoku News

Wazoku has just launched the “Startups of Shoreditch” programming competition in conjunction with the Silicon Milkroundabout recruitment event. Programmers are invited to enter the competition to show off their coding skills and be in with a chance of winning a Kindle Touch.

Entrants must write a program to play the Startups of Shoreditch game, the program that wins the game will win the competition. The Startups of Shoreditch  is a trading game in which players accumulate resources in order to acquire the stuff their startup needs to get off the ground. But to get the resources they need the most, the players will have to trade resources with each other. However, the players in the game are not people, but computer programs.

The top 10 voted programs will be played against each other to decide the winner on Sunday 27 May at the Silicon Milroundabout event.

Interested? Enter the Silicon Milkroundabout competition or vote for your favourite entry.