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Welcome to the CTTSO Innovation Showcase. Here, Solvers are provided with the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for the unique challenges facing CTTSO in achieving its mission to deliver capabilities to combat terrorism and irregular adversaries to Department of Defense components and interagency partners. We accomplish this through rapid research and development, advanced studies and technical innovation, and provision of support to U.S. military operations. The CTTSO provides a forum for interagency and international users to discuss mission requirements to combat terrorism, prioritize these requirements, fund and manage solutions, and deliver capabilities. The CTTSO accomplishes these objectives through rapid prototyping of novel solutions developed and field tested before the traditional acquisition systems are fully engaged. This low-risk approach encourages interdepartmental and interagency collaboration, thereby reducing duplication, eliminating capability gaps, and stretching development dollars.

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The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict (ASD (SO/LIC)) established CTTSO in 1999 to consolidate its research and development programs. CTTSO takes operational requirements from warfighters, incorporates policy priorities of the Department of Defense (DoD) civilian leadership, and rapidly identifies, develops, and delivers advanced capabilities for Special Operations Forces and General Purpose Forces to improve the capacity of the DoD to combat terrorism and irregular adversaries. CTTSO also collaborates with and supports related requirements of non-DoD U.S. Government agencies and state/local/tribal governments to understand those users’ priorities and requirements to share expertise and to develop mutually beneficial capabilities. The research and development effort that supports the interagency Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) was the first program to transition to CTTSO. The TSWG is divided into 10 subgroups, each chaired by senior representatives from federal agencies with special expertise in those functional areas. The 10 TSWG subgroups are:

  • Advanced Analytic Capabilities
  • Chemical, Biological Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives
  • Improvised Device Defeat/Explosives Countermeasures
  • Investigative and Forensic Science
  • Irregular Warfare and Evolving Threats
  • Personnel Protection
  • Physical Security
  • Surveillance, Collection, and Operations Support
  • Tactical Operations Support
  • Training Technology Development

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