Sharing is Caring

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The notion that ideas are worthy not merely because they “solve our problems” — but because they challenge us with problems to which our lives are the truest answers.”

-Umair Haque

There is a deeper side of ideas, corralling them and helping them come to the forefront of your mind. Joined by your friends, colleagues and by society, ideas are the basis for change. Sharing is caring.

People collaborating

And part of the process of change, the process of idea creation and implementation is sharing and talking about ideas. This is harder than we think, as we’re not necessarily designed to share ideas that we come up with, for fear they will be shot down or stolen. The reality is, stealing ideas is hard – because no one believes in your ideas as much as you do.

“The reason we’re inherently afraid of people doing this is because we assume that since we think it’s brilliant, everyone else must think it’s brilliant as well. Since we want to work on it, everyone else must want to as well. But they don’t—no one likes it as much as you, and no one is as gung-ho about working on it as you are.”

In daily life sharing those ideas with people who can help sort through them, give feedback and yes, tell you it’s a bad idea are useful.

Finding those ideas in a business, in an organisation, in an environment where interaction is scarce, where time is precious, where innovation gets the back burner is hard.This is the exact area that we excel at. Give a look to Idea Spotlight, and see how it can help gather, manage and promote idea generation, sharing and engagement in your community.