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Build v. Buy: Idea Management Software

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You want to unlock your employees’ creativity in order to exploit their collective intelligence and become more innovative, and you know that developing a proper environment and process is fundamental to harnessing this creativity. You’ve made the decision to implement an idea and innovation management programme, but now you may be asking, should you buy this software or should you build it?


Why you should buy it?

  • Idea management software is not your core business – but it is the core business for an idea management software vendor.
  • An idea management software vendor has years of experience and the collective needs of its customers helping to ensure that it delivers the best mix of features/functionality.
  • An idea management software vendor has years of experience implementing an idea management programme and can get you up and running quickly.
  • You have a support team dedicated to keep your idea management software running smoothly so you can concentrate on your core business.
  • You know your costs up front – no risk of out of control development costs.

Why you might consider building it?

So are you still thinking about building it yourself because you think your needs are unique and the software options available won’t meet your needs? Before you head down that route, consider the following:

  • The time required to build a complex in-house solution is difficult to estimate and quantify, meaning you could spend countless hours trying to design and build a system that never becomes fully operational.
  • Technology and business needs evolve over time and software applications need to be extremely flexible and consistently updated.
  • Your internal IT team has many priorities, and building and maintaining a speciality software system is probably not be the highest priority.

Want to discuss the options for idea management software? Get in touch with one of our sales consultants who can help you select the right option for you and your business.