Accelerating transformation in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Making valuable progress in Healthcare & Life Sciences requires businesses strike a balance between patient requirements, market opportunity, and regulatory compliance: all while continuing to innovate.

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“We are proud that the pool of international innovators from the Wazoku Crowd have given fresh insights to help us in developing more simplified vaccine solutions.”

Bertrand Ducrey, CEO of Debiopharm


Reliable progress at a disruptive time for the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare providers regularly face disruption in the form of rising operational costs, product shortages, and a talent vacuum. With leaders combatting these hurdles through short-term, unsustainable, ‘sticking plaster’ solutions, the need to transform through process and technology is more apparent than ever.

An aging global population means that Customer Experience is a starting point of focus. An increase in remote care is shifting expectations on healthcare providers, with a growing number of patients wanting personalized and bespoke treatment. This may have been made even more difficult over the last few years, but the global pandemic laid the foundations for a lot of innovation too.

With so many other considerations out there for healthcare organizations – ranging from Sustainability requirements to Research into new opportunities for existing medicines and becoming more Cost-Efficient – the need for a virtual platform where you can begin to discuss and solve problems while exploring new opportunities is crucial.

Wazoku enables this collaboration across a range of networks. It’s impossible to have all the answers in your internal organization, so use our platform to reach out across your entire eco-system. Get vital insights from suppliers, customers, and even an Open Innovation global crowd. This way of innovating limits risk, speeds up progress, and delivers outcomes that last.

Customer Story

Debiopharm simplifies the vaccination processes.

The rush for vaccination against Coronavirus was something that we all hoped for. With many of these vaccines requiring two doses to deliver adequate protection, an already-complicated vaccination process was made longer.

Swiss biopharmaceutical organization Debiopharm saw this as an opportunity to innovate. Utilizing Wazoku’s Open Innovation Crowd, it released a Challenge that sought to find a single-dose version of a Coronavirus vaccine. It awarded two solutions that paved the way for single-dose COVID vaccinations that came to market less than half a year after the first two-dose vaccines.

We are proud that the pool of international innovators from the Wazoku Crowd have given fresh insights to help us in developing more simplified vaccine solutions.

Bertrand Ducrey, CEO of Debiopharm
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“The vital work of the COVID-19 Peer Hub sparked thousands of local projects to keep immunization services afloat in the pandemic.”

Reda Sadki, Co-Founder of The Geneva Learning Foundation

Life Sciences

Meeting the challenges of the modern Life Sciences Sector head on

Life Sciences continues to move beyond established business models as the world shifts to a more data-focused approach. A broader use of collaboration is vital in adapting to the modern health care supply chain, to identify and resolve issues at the pace of modern life. Digital Transformation is where Life Sciences turns to lead that change.

The standards we expect from Life Sciences organizations evolves in line with those who are pushing the boundaries. To have the best chance of staying relevant, this should be the goal of any organization in this sector. While not every Life Sciences business is able to achieve this overnight, Wazoku gives you a roadmap to becoming a leader in your sector.

In a highly regulated environment, our approach helps Life Sciences companies harness the power of innovation. Through a proven Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology and an AI-powered, enterprise-secure platform, we enable Life Sciences organizations to drive innovation at speed and scale.

A growing trend for leaders across many sectors – Life Sciences included – is the desire to look beyond traditional boundaries for solutions. Engaging in Cross-Sector innovation or Scouting for new partners or technology allows businesses to approach issues differently, collaborating on solutions that take progress to new heights.

An in-depth knowledge of Life Sciences in all of its forms – whether that be through the Product Development of new drugs with less risk, or distribution companies better meeting customer needs – and an established history of delivering progress for Life Sciences organizations mean that Wazoku is uniquely positioned to supporting you to innovate for today and for tomorrow.

Customer Story

The Geneva Learning Foundation generate a Culture of Innovation

When the world locked down in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, healthcare professionals everywhere struggled with how to tackle this new threat, as well as maintaining routine vaccinations and medical procedures. Partnering with Wazoku, The Geneva Learning Foundation was able to establish a space for these experts to come together, share best practice, and generate a Culture of Innovation.

Within 10 days, more than 1200 ideas had been shared by participants in nearly 100 countries. The results of this collaboration include an estimated 80 million children under the age of 1 retaining access to routine vaccinations that they would otherwise have lost.

The vital work of the COVID-19 Peer Hub sparked thousands of local projects to keep immunization services afloat in the pandemic. This community’s dedication to knowledge-sharing and helping each other has directly led to increased vaccinations, greater health equity, and better engagement with communities.

Reda Sadki, President and Co-Founder of The Geneva Learning Foundation
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