Democracy in Action – Crowdsourcing at the RSA

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“Fundamentally, economics is not about finding a right set of answers or mastering concepts that only economists can understand. Economics is about human relationships, value and judgements – which can and should involve everyone.”  Reema Patel, the RSA

Today’s a big day for our customer, the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), as they start off a journey towards a more innovative, inclusive and democratic policy-making model. The first in their series of three public Challenges has launched today, with a focus on how the economy can work for everyone. RSA is calling on the public to share ideas on how we, as purchasers, can get a better deal when going about our everyday lives. This might be something as small as buying groceries at the supermarket, something more substantial, such as deciding on which phone contract to choose, or even something as significant as buying a new home.

Sitting within a wider programme addressing the lack of transparency and involvement of the public when it comes to policy-making, the RSA’s mission is to do two things:

  1. Involve a broader cross-section of society in the decision-making process which will affect our livelihoods, such as our spending habits, how much tax we pay and what services we have access to.
  2. Help shape a more participatory model for policy-making which is open, collaborative and innovative.

We at Wazoku are proud to be a part of this. Not only is the RSA showcasing the true power of open innovation, it is also helping us look to the future and consider the potential role of crowdsourcing as key part of any functioning democracy. In increasingly uncertain times where trust in politicians and economists is at an all-time low, the inclusion of a broader set of voices will allow us to see richer debates, differing perspectives and more innovative outcomes to the problems we face.

How can you get involved in the RSA Challenges?

The RSA is looking for your Ideas around three topics over the upcoming months:

  • Markets
  • Work
  • Economic Institutions

Ideas will be reviewed on their feasibility, creativity and positive social impact. Shortlisted ideas will be showcased as part of the final report launch of the Citizen’s Economic Council.

The first Challenge goes live TODAY, Friday, 17th February and will remain open until 10th April. Subsequent Challenges will be announced on social media and on RSA’s platform.

We are encouraging you to get involved to shape the economic policymaking of your future.

Share your ideas today.


Bea Schofield
Implementation Manager