On-Demand Webinar:                                                                                      Innovation in Challenging Times - A Focus on Healthcare

At a time of a global pandemic, no sector is under more pressure than the healthcare industry. Even before COVID-19 struck, the NHS has been seeking innovative new ways to cope with a record demand for health and social care services.

In this webinar, we talk to Tammy Holmes, of the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN), as she shares her insights and challenges at this most complex of times. In her position as Innovation Exchange Lead, she has extensive experience of finding solutions and opportunities to support the health and wellbeing within the healthcare sector.

This 30-minute on-demand webinar showcases:

  • Background: The push & pull of innovation between industry and the NHS
  • A new beginning: Open Platform and new approaches
  • Covid-19: Sharing the impacts, new ways of working and examples of different approaches, outcomes or ideas
  • Innovation in challenging times: How digging into the archive and drawing on a repository of different solutions creates a crucial bank of information for rapid response
  • A focus on the future: Lessons learned and future plans

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The Speaker

Tammy Holmes Headshot

Tammy Holmes, Innovation Exchange Lead,
West Midlands Academic Health Science Network

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