On-Demand Webinar: Using Innovation to Prepare for the Future of Work

To some, the Future of Work means uncertainty, people feeling less safe in their jobs and the need for businesses to prove their trustworthiness. To others, innovation is revolutionising the Future of Work. It means new job creation, opportunities to disrupt existing and open new markets and new expectations on work-life balance. How can you leverage innovation to prepare for this future?

Watch this on-demand webinar, with Chris Middleton, founder and CEO, Futures Coaching and understand:

  • The need for innovation
  • How people and machines can work side-by-side and empower each other
  • Skills required for what doesn’t yet exist: industries, businesses, roles
  • How to prepare your business now for the future
Meet the Speaker:

Chris-Middleton-photo-2_4Chris is the Founder and CEO of Futures Coaching, specialising in future facing strategy and innovation. You can also contact Chris at HotReports. In a consulting career spanning 30 years, he has helped international Blue Chip companies, global brands, charity organisations and SMEs to get to grips with change and identify tomorrow’s opportunities today.

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