On-Demand Webinar:                                                                                      Innovation in Challenging Times - A Focus on Global IT

During this challenging time, there’s even greater utility in collaboration, innovation and engagement services as organisations seek to adapt to the world we find ourselves in. 

In this webinar, we talk to Paul Brown, of the Global IT company Atos IAS, as he shares his insights and challenges at this most complex of times. In his position as Head of Business Change Management, Paul shares his knowledge of project managing extensive continuous improvement programmes and experience of engaging employees to create culture change. 

This 30-minute on-demand webinar showcases:

  • Background: The decision to utilise an idea management platform 
  • Brave Ideas: Encouraging idea generation, creating engagement and managing the process 
  • Hybrid model: Whether specific challenges or continuous improvement challenges work best 
  • Innovation in challenging times: Driving engagement, making process improvements, as well as £2m cost savings 
  • A focus on the future: Lessons learned and future plans 

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The Speaker

Paul Brown, Head of Business Change Management, Atos IAS

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