On-Demand Webinar: How the Ministry of Defence engages people to manage innovation at scale

The Ministry of Defence’s goal is to be "Innovative by Instinct" but what does this look like in practice?

Even complex organisations can scale and embed a true culture of innovation inside and outside the business. The Ministry of Defence (MOD), while operating in the public sector, faces similar challenges to private enterprise organisations as it operates globally, 24/7 across The Royal Navy, British Army, the Royal Air Force, Joint Forces Command, Defence Infrastructure Organisation and beyond.

The MOD’s goal is to be "Innovative by instinct", and to do this they use Wazoku’s Idea Spotlight to seek ideas and opportunities in unconventional places and unanticipated relationships.

Watch this on-demand webinar, with Ministry of Defence innovation leader, Stuart Laws, to understand:

  • The importance of innovating with the people across your internal and external network
  • How far the MOD has come in 50 years of innovation plus examples of key outcomes
  • The shift towards strategic idea management with a true Global Home for Ideas
  • What's in store for the future of innovation in Defence and how you can get involved

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The Speakers

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Ministry of Defence

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