The Future of Work: How to prepare for change, disruption and the need for innovation

We're facing huge changes in the world of work.

Powerful new forms of automation and developments in the field of genetics, robotics and biotechnology, are fundamentally changing our world, increasing our rates of productivity and improving our lives. No organisation is immune to this disruptive and dynamic environment we’re operating in – so, what does this mean for the future of work?

Maybe you’re a business or innovation leader looking to plan ahead. Perhaps you’ve been tasked with taking steps to future-proof your organisation and want to better understand the role innovation plays in driving your business forward. Wherever you are in your transformation journey, this report shares the latest insights and trends shaping the future world of work and provides you with actionable steps on how to navigate these changes.

Download this report to discover:

  • How the world of work is changing and what the future will look like
  • How you can navigate this new kind of disruption
  • Why high-level skills matter and how to ensure your people are ready
  • How to create a culture that’s flexible and collaborative
  • 10 key steps you can take to prepare for change and disruption
  • Why you need a Global Home for Ideas
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