Idea management helps Armenian bank solve customer challenges and engage entire workforce.

Founded in 1996, ACBA – CREDIT AGRICOLE, is a universal bank promoting financial inclusion in Armenia, delivering innovative and efficient financial solutions with
strong focus on rural communities.

ACBA wanted to encourage its geographically diverse workforce to think outside the box to solve customer and business solutions. The answer: implementing an idea management platform to create a global home for ideas.

With 1,500 employees spread across the country, ACBA needed a way to breakdown siloes within the bank while shifting to a culture of collaborative knowledge sharing.

The bank had two main goals:

  1. To improve processes and daily working life, and
  2. Develop new products and services for customers.

So, ACBA turned to Wazoku’s idea management platform to help them achieve their goals. They knew that harnessing the collective knowledge of employees would not only assist with solving customer challenges and drive the business forward, but it would also engage and motivate the entire workforce to get behind its business improvement programme.


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ACBA's Top Outcomes

Harness the power of ideas

To solve customer and business challenges

Create a culture

Of collaborative knowledge sharing to drive business improvement

Ignite people

Motivating and engaging the entire workforce to breakdown silos


Employees on the platform


Ideas in under 2 years


Approved ideas with 29 complete

“When we implemented our own fully branded platform, IdeaLab, we were expecting to generate and solve big challenges but actually we’re finding the small, incremental changes are having the most impact. We’ve solved some fantastic customer challenges but what I’m most proud of, is we’ve been able to build a culture of engagement and trust, helping employees to feel much more invested and engaged in the future of the business.”

Project Management, Strategy Development and Innovation Team



ACBA wanted to encourage its geographically diverse workforce across Armenia to think outside the box and share impactful ideas to affect positive change for the business. The need for ideas came from a desire to create new value within the business, boosting growth, productivity and employee engagement. ACBA also wanted to shift to a more innovative, open and collaborative culture, as well as solve customer pain points. There was no question that ACBA employees were best placed to solve customer problems, it just needed to find a way to manage the process. Previously, the company did not have anything in place to capture ideas, apart from an intranet for staff to post suggestions. ACBA found that they didn’t get much engagement and the whole process was not managed effectively. A new approach was needed.



Recognising the need for resources, commitment and ownership, ACBA worked closely with Wazoku’s customer excellence team to fully on-board the platform and drive staff engagement. ACBA put in place a full internal communications strategy, complete with an introductory on-boarding campaign, regular emails and social engagement (via an internal Facebook group). They knew that they needed to have a launch strategy and plan in place to help staff understand the business benefits of the platform and see how they could use it across the business.



One of the first steps ACBA took, to help launch the platform and secure employee engagement from the start, was to use IdeaLab to run a challenge asking staff how they wanted to be rewarded for contributing ideas and helping to solve challenges. Overwhelmingly, the staff at ACBA wanted the opportunity to have lunch with the CEO, Hakob Andreasyan, and receive recognition right from the top. Since then, the CEO has been actively involved in the ideas management process, regularly blogging and providing updates on the platform homepage, as well as running an ongoing ‘Ask the CEO’ challenge and handing out rewards throughout the year.

Top 3 tips from ACBA for idea management

Have a good strategy and plan in place, complete with objectives, commitment and resources outlined, before going ahead.

Ensure you have CEO and senior management engagement from the start – the CEO can create a culture of innovation from the top down.

Encourage cross-functional collaboration with a communications plan to explain, onboard and drive engagement. It’s important to obtain buy-in early!

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