Special Report: Future of Employee Experience

Remote working? Shifting talent models? The untapped wisdom of employee ideas?

We all know the world of work is changing, now at an accelerated pace thanks to the pandemic. Even prior to recent months, the rhetoric has been building, the conversation growing louder – but what does this mean for you?

Perhaps you’re a business leader trying to get to grips with this new world and rightly so. When 60 per cent of UK employees say the traditional nine to five no longer works for them, you are right to ask questions about what this means for the future of your workforce. One clear message seems to be emerging: the voice of the employee has never been more crucial in generating innovative ideas to help businesses adapt quicker and change faster.

Wazoku’s CEO, Simon Hill, discusses the topic of idea generation to drive innovation in The Times special report on the ‘Future of Employee Experience’. Complete the form on the right to download your copy today.

Download this report to discover:

  • How the meaning and nature of work is changing
  • Why video calls won’t save your business
  • How digital technologies and idea management tools are leading the way in improving employee experience
  • What the case is for ditching traditional working models and why the 40-hour week is at risk of becoming obsolete
  • Why it’s vital to take a compassionate approach to employee wellbeing
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