Innovation at Scale: Agile Innovation

A framework for Innovation at Scale

  • Repeatable, renewable, recurring value- creation cannot happen without a process for routinely developing ideas through to impact.
  • These routines of capturing, developing and selecting ideas not only need to be staffed and managed, but they also need to be understood and valued by everyone within the organization.
  • The Ambidextrous Organization- in order to be successful in the long term, businesses need to explore new ideas
    and forms of value creation, while also exploiting their existing capabilities.
  • They need to embed and enable this capability across every part of their organization in a systemic and structured way, finding the right balance between exploitation for today and exploration for tomorrow (see below).

The balance (mix) will vary significantly across organizations, over time and by context.

The Ambidextrous Organization

What is Agile Innovation

Agile Innovation is framework within which people, teams and organizations can address complex change, transformation and innovation problems at scale. The framework is underpinned by our proprietary Challenge Driven Innovation methodology, a proven approach that accelerates your innovation outcomes and increases your capacity and capabilities for innovation at scale.

It applies agile thinking and techniques to the process of value creation at the heart of all innovation and transformation programmes.

Why an Agile Innovation is critical:

  • Pull risk forward – fail fast
  • Push cost back – lean mindset
  • Scale capacity – create an unlimited capacity for innovation
  • Scale capability – build an empowered and enabled culture of innovation
  • Quality – dramatically improve success rates vs traditional innovation approaches

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