Customer Story - Diageo

Diageo was looking for a tool to support their innovation team in generating and managing new ideas for drinks brands. Their challenge was to provide an idea generation platform and at the same time introduce a collaborative way for the team to develop those ideas.

They also hoped that a tool that allowed all users to view everybody else’s ideas would inspire and spark further ideas. The system also needed to manage a large volume of ideas and prioritise the best. Over 60 team members were invited to join the Idea Spotlight and contribute ideas.

  • The collected ideas were filtered and those with potential were selected for development and implementation.
  • Idea Spotlight made the idea generation and development process efficient and effective — and highly collaborative.
  • The tool also allowed for reward and recognition of those who submitted ideas that were taken forward for development — therefore also bringing in a healthy dose of competition!

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Idea Spotlight helped us generate a large amount of ideas in a short space of time. It made it simple to choose which ideas to take forward — we could gauge opinion from the team and capture their feedback easily.
Shaun Pelser, Head of Consumer Planning, Europe Innovation, Diageo
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