Wazoku Scout: How to Uncover Future Tech for a Competitive Advantage

Discover how Wazoku Scout, enabled by Jen – our AI innovation assistant – revolutionizes the Innovation and Technology Scouting landscape. Join Simon Hill, CEO and Founder of Wazoku, and Rosemarie Diegnan, Chief Product and Customer Officer, as they take you through both the vision for Wazoku Scout as a part of Wazoku’s connected product suite, and a demonstration on the three levels of the product, ranging from on-demand results to curated reports and global Challenges, all coming together to deliver start-up and scale-ups for you to partner with!


  • How to find the right answer faster: Trained on more than 20 years of innovation problem/solution data, with Wazoku Scout, you will swiftly identify and connect with the most innovative tech start-ups and scale-ups in the market.
  • How to find a relevant existing start-up or scale-ups from another sector: Delve deeper than a simple Google search with Scouting-as-a-Service, where you’ll bring human and machine intelligence together to find the best possible solutions to your business needs.
  • How to solve more problems, faster: Traditional approaches to Scouting suffer from delays, bottlenecks, and lack of resources. Across three layers of Wazoku Scout, you’ll be able to reduce these delays significantly, all while finding better quality results.
  • How to unlock Open Talent by finding experts with deep subject matter knowledge: The Wazoku Crowd of more than 700,000+ Solvers and 120,000+ global WIN Scouts network is on hand to identify and recommend potential partners for your needs.

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