Using Wazoku in the Minerals Industry with ICL

Using Wazoku in the Minerals Industry with ICL

Dive into a compelling discussion on the forefront of innovation within the specialist mineral industry, presented by ICL in collaboration with Wazoku. This recorded session from our Industry Innovators series unveils how ICL is pioneering a sustainable future through groundbreaking innovation.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Introduction to Wazoku: Discover how Wazoku supports organizations in creating sustainable innovation ecosystems, utilizing a global crowd of 700,000+ solvers to tackle complex challenges.
  • ICL’s Innovation Journey: Gain insights into ICL’s century-long journey to becoming a global specialty minerals powerhouse, with operations across 100 countries and a relentless focus on sustainability and technological innovation.
  • Innovation as Strategy: Learn about ICL’s dual approach to innovation, combining internal R&D with external partnerships, to foster growth and tackle humanity’s sustainability challenges.
  • Creating Impactful Solutions: Understand how ICL leverages its unique resources and technological ingenuity to create solutions for global food, agriculture, and industrial markets.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: Explore ICL OPEN, an innovative space where collaboration with startups, researchers, and entrepreneurs fosters the development of global products and ventures.
  • Success Stories and Opportunities: Hear firsthand accounts of successful partnerships and how ICL’s open innovation ecosystem has led to groundbreaking advancements in agriculture, food tech, novel materials, and energy solutions.

Discover how ICL and Wazoku are shaping the future of the mineral industry through innovation. This webinar is essential viewing for anyone interested in the role of innovation in addressing global sustainability challenges.

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