Using Wazoku in the Chemical Industry with Elkem

Elkem’s Innovation Journey

Elkem, a leading provider of advanced material solutions, uses natural resources and human ingenuity to contribute significantly to the green shift. This session with Trine Okstad, Elkem’s Product Portfolio Manager, dives deep into how the company integrates Wazoku into their strategic operations. Discover how an innovative approach has led to sustainable practices and the development of new market-leading products.

Explore how Elkem leverages the Wazoku platform to foster innovation, drive efficiency, and achieve new value growth. Whether you’re new to our webinars or a returning participant eager to learn more about practical applications of innovation, this session is for you.

Key highlights

  • Insight into Successful Platform Integration: Discover how Elkem has effectively integrated the Wazoku innovation management platform to transform ideas into successful projects. This section provides viewers with a detailed breakdown of the platform’s impact, showcasing how it facilitates cross-divisional collaboration and enhances productivity.
  • Proven Results and Impactful Statistics: Learn about the significant outcomes resulting from the adoption of Wazoku at Elkem, with nearly 3,000 ideas generated and a development rate of 30%. These figures not only illustrate the platform’s effectiveness but also highlight Elkem’s commitment to fostering a culture of innovation.
  • Engagement in Real-World Challenges: Understand the dynamics of running successful challenges within a corporate setting. Elkem’s experiences with challenges like those focused on the circular economy provide valuable lessons on driving high engagement and practical innovation in a large organization.

Diver Deeper into Elkem’s Innovation Journey

Find out how a leading advanced materials manufacturer utilized an innovation program powered by Wazoku to collect, prioritize, and action ideas within their organization.