The Power of Innovation Ecosystems: In Conversation with Norwegian Offshore

Uncover the power of Innovation Ecosystems


Join us journey into the heart of innovation ecosystems with our recent webinar featuring insights from the Norwegian Offshore Wind (NOW). Discover how collaboration, strategy, and a forward-thinking approach can redefine the potential of industry clusters and accelerate growth.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Introduction to Norwegian Offshore Wind and the NOW Accelerator: Unveil the dynamics of Norway’s largest and fastest-growing industry cluster. With over 400 companies, the NOW Accelerator is a powerhouse in driving the offshore wind sector’s growth and innovation.
  • The Power of Innovation Ecosystems: Explore how a strong ecosystem can address today’s challenges such as new regulations, market shifts, evolving value chains, and emerging technologies. Understand how new disruptive players are shaping the future of finance and offshore wind.
  • Essential Components for Ecosystem Success: Delve into the core elements that make an innovation ecosystem thrive – from engaging key stakeholders and establishing a driving force to celebrating outcomes and learning from the journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for Success: Learn how industry partners can define sector needs and boost start-ups through challenges, fostering a network of over 400 suppliers, global start-ups, and offshore wind experts.
  • Insights and Opportunities: Gain access to exclusive insights, reports, testing opportunities, and invitations to premier offshore wind events.
  • NOW Accelerator: Understand how Antler complements the Nordic ecosystem, supporting start-ups from inception and connecting them with a robust network of expert advisors and potential investors.
  • Navigating Market Challenges: Discover how market insecurities can actually bolster incentives for an ecosystem, leading to more robust and innovative solutions.
  • Building a Robust Ecosystem: Uncover the key elements necessary for a successful ecosystem, including understanding stakeholders, finding common opportunities, and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

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