The Future of Open Talent and Open Innovation with John Winsor

Embracing Open Talent

Welcome to the exclusive webinar recording presented by Wazoku, featuring open innovation pioneer John Winsor. Dive into an enlightening discussion on the convergence of open talent and open innovation, exploring how organizations can navigate the evolving landscape of work and innovation. Discover actionable insights and stories from the frontlines, shared by those who have led the charge in transforming the way work gets done.

Key Highlights:

  • The Journey of Open Innovation: Unpack the evolution of open talent and its symbiotic relationship with open innovation, through the eyes of John Winsor, a true pioneer in the field. Understand the pivotal moments that have shaped the open talent ecosystem.
  • Real-world Applications and Success Stories: Gain exclusive access to compelling examples and success stories highlighting the impact of open innovation across industries. From solving complex challenges for NASA to redefining creative processes for global brands, these stories demonstrate the power of a crowd-sourced approach.
  • Strategies for Embracing Open Talent: Learn practical strategies for integrating open talent into your organizational framework. Whether you’re looking to tap into global expertise or seeking to innovate at scale, discover how leading companies are leveraging open talent to stay ahead.
  • The Future of Work: Explore predictions and insights on the future direction of work and innovation. Understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as organizations adapt to a rapidly changing work environment.

Reasons to watch

  • Unmatched Expertise: Gain insights from John Winsor and other pioneers who have masterfully leveraged open innovation for transformative outcomes.
  • Strategic Guidance: Arm yourself with practical strategies and tools to effectively tap into the power of open innovation within your organization.
  • Innovative Inspiration: Draw inspiration from real-world success stories where open innovation has turned challenges into remarkable opportunities.
John Winsor Open Talent

John Winsor

John Winsor delivers an inspiring, engaging message. John pairs his expertise and insights as a successful entrepreneur and future-forward thinker with real and raw life experiences leaving the audience with meaningful, tangible tools to move forward toward a better future

Discover the Secrets of Open Talent with John Winsor’s Book

For those inspired by the innovative insights shared in our webinar and looking to delve deeper into the transformative world of open innovation, John Winsor’s seminal work, “Open Talent: Leveraging the World’s Workforce to Solve Business Challenges,” is an invaluable resource.

This book explores the essence of open talent and open innovation, offering a comprehensive guide on how to navigate and harness the global talent pool to address complex business challenges. Winsor’s expertise and real-world examples illuminate the path for organizations ready to embrace this modern approach to innovation and talent management.