Sustainability in Innovation

Innovate more effectively for your Sustainability Challenges

2030 is a crucial year for sustainability, targets have been set across Europe to collectively cut greenhouse gas emissions and consumers are looking to businesses/service providers for guidance.  Business sustainability programs form essential components of how organizations operate and improve.

Diagram of a lightbulb with a plant

In this guide we will look at:

  • How to Identify key areas for improvement – Not all sustainability initiatives are created equal
  • How different solutions can be sourced from a variety of different areas of a company’s ecosystem
  • How businesses such as A2A and Waitrose tackled their own sustainability Challenges

A Changing Landscape:

As the significance of sustainability has increased, companies have changed the entire approach to the topic. Some research by Deloitte found that over half of organizations surveyed had a Head of Sustainability, but only 15% had a Chief Sustainability Officer in place. As a result of this reality, sustainability practice remains relatively confined to its own silo.

Though incremental and limited, this change has been influenced by many different pressures. As sustainability increases in relevance and more companies begin to institute changes to react, these pressures will likely underpin any action taken. In the guide, we’ll take a look at these pressures in detail, as well as discussing possible solutions to these issues.

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