Six Ways to Improve Innovation Through Culture Change

What does it take to become a truly innovative organization?

There are still organizations that see innovation as a function, assigning a small group of people the impossible task to transform their business. They then might embark on an overly ambitious transformation programme that fails or loses momentum with little measurable outcome.

Wazoku, Goodwind and April all take a different stance – to be truly innovative, organizations need to make innovation part of their DNA, tapping into the creative potential of all their stakeholders: their workforce, ecosystem and customers.

Watch this on-demand webinar now, where Innov8rs, Wazoku, Goodwind and April will share six practical ways to improve innovation through culture change, all inspired by real-life customer examples.

Hosted by Innov8rs. Presented by:

  • Nicola Darke, Customer Success Director, Wazoku
  • Hans Gillior, Founder, Goodwind Company
  • Tim Westall, Founder, April Strategy