Our Open Innovation Journey – Lessons from Bayer Crop Science

Wazoku partnered up with Bayer to have an interactive webinar to discuss their open innovation journey and the success that came out of it.

Bayer – A Global Enterprise with a vision of health for all and hunger for none. Bayer has three major divisions which are Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health Division and Crop Science.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how Bayer’s Crop Science Division and subsidiary The Climate Corporation arrived at Open Innovation as an approach to solving important problems, how they utilise Open Innovation now, and where they see their Open Innovation programme in the future.

In conversation with Wazoku’s CEO Simon Hill will be:

  • Steven Reiser PhD, Strategic Innovation & Partnerships lead for Climate Science
  • Phil Taylor PhD, Open Innovation Lead for Crop Science at Bayer
  • Shilpa Sood PhD, Lead, Cereal/Other Crops Modeling Team at Climate Science.