Organizing for Innovation: Why You Should Start Crowdsourcing

Discover the Power of Crowdsourcing

Innovation is the cornerstone of any successful organization, but navigating the path to sustainable innovation can be challenging. That’s why Wazoku has developed a comprehensive guide to help you understand and unlock the potential of crowdsourcing in your innovation program. Introducing “Organizing for Innovation: Why You Should Start Crowdsourcing,” a downloadable guide that will help you transform your organization’s approach to problem-solving.

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Crowdsourcing is defined as gathering insights from a large number of people outside an organization’s network to solve problems or explore new opportunities. By leveraging the power of crowdsourcing, businesses can turn the world into their R&D lab and deliver innovation in a more streamlined, effective, and efficient way.

However, simply posing a question to the crowd is not enough. Without a proven, repeatable process that converts crowdsourced ideas into implementable solutions, the key benefits of crowdsourcing – cheaper, faster, better innovation – are dramatically reduced or non-existent. That’s where Wazoku’s Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology shines. By providing a solid framework for crowdsourcing, the risks associated with this approach are significantly reduced.


5 Key Benefits

In our guide, you’ll discover the five key benefits of crowdsourcing that enable companies to solve problems and create awareness simultaneously, including:

  1. Sourcing novel solutions from unexpected fields/people
  2. Maximizing ROI while reducing risk
  3. Discovering new approaches and tools to aid complex problem-solving
  4. Building a community to research and promote a cause
  5. Demonstrating thought leadership credentials

The guide also highlights potential barriers to crowdsourcing and provides tips on how to overcome these obstacles, such as gaining senior leadership buy-in and allocating adequate resources.

To further demonstrate the power of crowdsourcing, our guide shares real-world success stories from organizations that have utilized Wazoku’s crowdsourcing capabilities to solve long-standing problems and drive innovation:

OSRI: A 20-year problem after the Exxon Valdez disaster was solved by connecting with a Bench Chemist.

NHS Birmingham: Healthcare Network introduced nearly 50 successful new technologies in just two years.

Alliander: Dutch energy company saved 8 hours of people-time for every instance of energy supply changes.

Waitrose: British retail giant made annual savings of over £150k from a shop floor staff member’s idea.

• Anonymous Multinational: A fizzy drinks manufacturer used a solver’s solution to deliver a market-leading product in a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Get ready to supercharge your organization’s innovation efforts! Download “Organizing for Innovation: Why You Should Start Crowdsourcing” today and harness the power of the crowd.

Download our free guide today

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