Organizing for Innovation: The Benefits of an Idea Management Platform

During this Webinar our Sales Engineering Manager Abi Anderson and Director of Customer Accounts Schønning Eysturoy will be taking you through why your business needs an Idea Management Platform. They will be focusing on the 5 key use cases in which a purpose-built idea management platform can give your business the tools for innovation success.

The 5 Key use case examples include:

  • How you are able to configure Wazoku to suits your needs with an example from ESB, a major Energy company from the Republic of Ireland
  • How you are able to Innovate at Scale with an example from HSBC
  • How you can gain access to thousands of Solvers from around the world to solve specific business-critical Challenges with an example from Enel
  • How you can create a culture of innovation with an example from Alte Leipziger
  • How you can track and report on the ideas in your company by using Wazoku with an example from the Ministry of Defence