Organizing for Innovation: Roles and Responsibilities

Revolutionize Your Business with Innovation

Unlock your organization’s potential with Organizing for Innovation: Roles and Responsibilities – a comprehensive guide to kickstart your journey to a successful future.

Every business knows that innovation is the key to ongoing success and growth. But to truly innovate, you need to have the right people in the right roles, a clear governance program, and the capacity to connect voices from every level of your organization.

That’s where our guide comes in.

Our expertly crafted guide, based on Wazoku’s acclaimed Challenge Driven Innovation® methodology, gives you a roadmap for organizing your business for innovative success. It dives deep into the critical roles and responsibilities necessary for a thriving innovation program.

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What’s Inside the Guide?

The guide covers several vital aspects including:

  • Understanding the Iceberg of Ignorance: Learn why it’s crucial to involve all organizational levels in the innovation process.
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Success: The guide will help you understand the key roles like Program Sponsor, Program Manager, Community Sponsor, Challenge Manager, and Evaluators, and their responsibilities in the innovation program.
  • Case Study of Success: Read about how John Lewis & Partners rolled out a successful innovation program to its 80,000-strong staff with the help of Wazoku.
  • Critical Success Criteria: Learn about key success criteria for any innovation program.

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