How the Open Innovation Marketplace Works

The External Innovation Marketplace has three key components

1: Seekers: An organization that wants to either solve a problem or explore an opportunity

2: Wazoku’s Challenge Design Consultants: they help identify and define the problem so that it can be understood and resolved quickly

3: Solvers: A global crowd of experts across all geographic, industry, and language areas

How It Works for Seekers:

Our External Innovation Marketplace is the world’s biggest community of global problem solvers.

To get an answer to a problem or an opportunity worth exploring, organizations don’t have to assess job applications or resumes. Instead, businesses post their toughest challenges, in the form of our prize-based competitions, to our worldwide network of change makers. This is Challenge-Driven Innovation®  at work.

Unbeatable Results:

  • 80% success rate
  • 182% proven ROI within 2-months
  • Innovation is 10x cheaper and 4x faster than traditional methods

How It Works for Solvers:

  • Visit our Challenge Center to find the right challenge for you.
  • Register to see the full details of the challenge. Here, you’ll need to agree to the Terms of Use and Challenge-Specific Agreement (CSA).
  • Develop a solution that meets the challenge requirements.
  • Submit your solution before the challenge deadline.
  • Your solution will be evaluated once the deadline has passed. You will then be notified via email as to whether your solution has been successful. In some challenges, you will also receive feedback on your submission.