Habitat for Humanity 2022 Report

Find out how Wazoku supercharged the success of a humanitarian organization

In this report, we detail how Wazoku, partnering with SeaFreight Labs, helped Habitat for Humanity to solve four critical issues in housing across the globe. Featuring interviews from staff on the ground, key stakeholders from all businesses involved, and the insights of the Solvers whose ideas will change lives, you’ll learn all about how this project could impact millions of people.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Global examples of crowdsourcing’s unlimited potential
  • The data behind the Challenges
  • Real-world impacts of working with Wazoku
  • Thoughts and photos from key stakeholders across the project

Who Should Read this Report?

Anyone looking to learn more about how Wazoku is helping to stop malaria, protect people from natural disasters, widen access to clean drinking water, and making a more sustainable construction industry. If you’re interested in how Wazoku can help humanitarian organizations and not-for-profits achieve their aims, download the report today!

In a lot of these cases, awarded Solvers didn’t even live on the same continent as the problem they were solving! This capability to change the world hasn’t been possible at this pace throughout all of human history. By partnering with Habitat for Humanity and SeaFreight Labs, we’re excited to be leading the charge on turning ideas into real-world impact.

// Bea Schofield – Director of Customer Innovation at Wazoku

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